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The acid backs up, and inflates Melona's breasts to the point they explodekilling her. In SkadiSkadi and Diseasoid are subjected to a "hotness spell"which turns him into a Top-Heavy Guy and gives her very large breasts. In the Paradise setting, humans are being randomly, permanently changed into Funny Animals and sometimes gender-changed at the same time. Getting breast expansion web breasts increases her attack and defensebut reduces her speed and jumping ability. Til She Gets Her Way has a normally breast expansion web and short girl whose tired of being pushed around gain the power to grow in various ways until she gets what she wants, but can't stop the growth until she gets it.

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Breast Expansion

Chelsea and the 7 Devils — Breast expansion web can get a special Playboy Bunny costume that allows her to induce spontaneous Breast Expansion and return to her normal proportions. She starts out the comic giving a heartfelt speech, but only a few panels in her breasts grow back from flat to huge and she forgets what she was talking about. The Series the villainess, Cruela De Vil, tries to seduce Roger by putting on a blonde wig and using inflatable fake breasts. Get Known if you don't have an account.

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Casey from Strangers in Paradise gets breast implants. Island of Dreams involves an incredibly insecure and envious flat-chested girl who goes to a cosmetic surgery spa breast expansion web fix that problem. It works at first, but soon backfires spectacularly, as she keeps getting bigger and bigger and eventually gets ''so big'' she becomes a laughingstock. X, a parody of many of the tropes associated with heroines. One of his subjects is being fed silicone into her chest 24 hours a day.

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