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Friday, 8 December Vegetarians and lesbians are not so different after all. I can understand the over crowding issue, so how do you feel about free range chickens and cows? The difference is, I don't get on my high horse and act morally superior to anyone else" That last paragraph sealed it for me, it was like I punched her in the womb, she just sat there shocked, jaw hanging open.

Useless as an asshole on elbows
Useless as an asshole on elbows
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Yet, they fill themselves up with a substitute of the very thing they have given up, in many ways identical to the thing that they have sworn off forever. If I am to completely destroy their beliefs I've useless as an asshole on elbows to speak their language - stupid ignorance. And now allow me to explain. Anyway, she think she had me with saying its barbaric to kill animals in a humane fashion which I neglected to add at that point but as usually, I try and have an answer for everything "Well actually, no it is not. While my mind is on the matter, there are few words that annoy and furiate me more that people saying they are "a vegetarian, but for moral reasons" This happened in my lounge at Uni, when I heard those words; I took my burger and left the room.

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I don't hate all vegetarians, just the ones that do it for moral reasons, some of my best friends are vegetarians for varying credible reasons, such as being born that way therefore they have never had the desire for meat and their digestive system would actually reject itand health reasons including not being able to physically process meat. And now allow me to explain. Maybe she did and I'm too cynical or narcissistic to care, or even notice. Of course they still die the same but at least they have a happy life-" She interrupted me again, this time I didnt give her useless as an asshole on elbows benefit of talking so I carried on "-that is if animals actually have emotions, but even if they are kept in crowded conditions, all those supplements and lack of exercise makes sure my burger is extra tender and juicy, just the way I like it. The blood of those mice and rabbits are on your hands, while I share the blood of the cow with a dozen other people.

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